ULUS 2 ULUS - Expansion Pack Numbah One



Ulus 2 Ulus is a local kine game with local kine pidgin and local kine stuff, made esspecially for you and all your braddahs and sistahs, aunties and uncles, and kupuna and keiki (if they stay 13+). Check um, go check um, go!

U2U: Expansion Pack 1 get 100 BRAND NEW cards fo’ add to your U2U Basic Deck! Inspired by common everyday tingz such as “scoop rice,” “potholes,” and “costcos,” deez new cards will add some mo’ spice to your deck! Expansion Pack One includes 85 new blue cards and 15 new yellow cards for even mo' funny kine combinations!

(Note: not a stand alone product, you need da basic deck fo’ play one forreal game!)