SHAKA TRIBE - 5 Pocket Leather Wallets



Polynesian Leather Wallet with Polynesian cultural designs and meanings.

-Leather and elastic wallet
-Holds 2-7 cards and cash
-2 leather pockets, 2 elastic pockets

Strength: This Maori design is inspired by the hammerhead shark. These resilient creatures were known to possess qualities of unmatched strength and endurance. This Mangopare pattern is a popular design found in many carvings and Tā Moko (tattoo) in Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Loyalty: In Hawaii, apart from being the iconic state flower, the hibiscus has been used for centuries to represent beauty, commitment, and love. Along with these attributes, this design will be a constant reminder to focus on your divine worth.

Courage: This design was inspired by the traditional Samoan tattoo called the Pe’a. The Pe’a is a tattoo given to males which represents their duty and responsibility within the family. This design serves as a reminder to take courage in the quest of providing, caring and protecting your family.