POLYNESIAN MEDICINALS - Coconut Māmaki Balm Lokelani Rose



Limited Edition! An all-over skin healing balm with Lokelani Rose

New scent - limited edition!

Using the same healing formula as our original Coconut Māmaki Balm, this special Lokelani Rose version uses 100% pure Rosa Damascena essential oil, the most prized and expensive essential oil in the world.

Most rose oils on the market are diluted, synthetic, adulterated, or made with pesticide-laden flowers, and we made sure to only use 100% pure rose. Over 10,000 rose blossoms are required to distill just 5ml of essential oil.

Each of our 1 oz balm jars include over 1000 petals worth of oil, for its amazing skin-healing and rejuvenating properties as well as its calming and stress-relieving aroma.

Made in Kauai from organic coconut + olive oil and local beeswax, infused with our farm-grown mamaki (Hawaiian nettle) with small amounts of essential oils of lavender, copaiba and frankincense, with rose added as the signature scent of this beautiful floral blend.

Purchasing this product helps the native Kamehameha Butterfly (pulelehua) who uses mamaki as its host plant.

The more māmaki we grow, the more habitat there is for the pulelehua to thrive. Traditionally used as a tea, māmaki is an endemic Hawaiian needle-less nettle that we grow and infuse in the balm for its clean, skin-soothing properties.

For external use only.

1 oz in glass jar.

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Courtney Tabet
Love it💖

It's a really good product, love it so much💖