LUCKY CHARM CATS - The Lucky Charm Cats Save The Aloha Spirit Book



On a mission to share the aloha spirit around the world, Marilyn Cariaga created "The Lucky Charm Cats".

Set in Hawaii, Aunty Aloha asks three charming cats, Kiko, Duke and Hapa Boy, for help bringing the aloha spirit back to the Islands. Read this fun-filled book to see if The Lucky Charm Cats' unique talents are enough to help Aunty Aloha!

Characters: Aunty Aloha: True example of the Aloha Spirit. Full of love, her warmth touches the heart of people around
the world.

Kiko: Graced with charm, beauty, and the gift of hula, shares love and happiness with everyone.

Duke: Leader, Athlete, and Surfer encourage others wherever he goes.

Hapa Boy: The youngest of the team enjoys life to its fullest! His charming chuckle brings joy and smiles to
all he meets.