LEIRA ORGANICS - Unscented Hawaiian Salve



An unscented Noni Salve for Keiki, Pēpē, nursing Māmā, Tattoo care, After sun, Eczema or anyone with sensitive skin

The natural oils from the revered Noni plant alleviate muscle tension, inflammation while healing abrasions, dehydration and chapped skin. These are infused into organic coconut oil which acts as a moisturizer, vitamin E is a natural preservative that helps sustain the shelf life of the product. This salve can be used on sunburns, scrapes, pulled muscles, bruises, rashes, most skin ailments, as daily moisturizer, and is wonderful as a massage lubricant for clients with sensitive skin. Packaged in glass and produced mindfully with minimal waste.

Ingredients: Organic extra virgin coconut oil, Organic noni fruit, Organic noni leaves, Local beeswax, Naturally occurring Vitamin E. Formulated from 100% natural ingredients only
(155.55 ml)