LAULIMA - Monk Seal Blue Hat



Endemic, endangered, and cute as can be, the Hawaiian monk seal (ʻīlio holo i ka uaua) is Hawaiʻi's only native seal. This quick-dry nylon hat celebrates the Hawaiian monk seal. Perfect for beach days, hiking adventures, and town excursions.


  • Made from sturdy yet soft nylon fabric
  • Adjustable snapback for the perfect fit
  • Suitable for water activities


  • The Hawaiian monk seal is one of the most endangered seals in the world.
  • Hawaiian monk seals are one of only two endemic Hawaiian mammals (the other is the Hawaiian hoary bat).
  • Hawaiian monk seals are threatened by habitat loss, entanglement, human disturbance, food limitation, and introduced diseases (particularly Toxoplasma gondii, a parasite spread by invasive cats).
  • Conservation efforts include habitat protection, public outreach, rehabilitation, and veterinary care.
  • Hawaiian monk seals can survive shark attacks! It isn’t uncommon to sea a monk seal with a shark bite scar.