LAULIMA - Bird Skull Enamel Mug Black



Handcrafted enamel mug showcasing Hawaiian bird diversity with scientific skull illustrations. Durable & perfect for outdoor adventures or everyday use.

This design encapsulates the immense diversity of Hawaiian birds while telling their story. Many of Hawaiʻiʻs endemic bird species have been lost to extinction, while many of the remaining bird species are at risk of extinction. This unfortunate loss is due to numerous threats, including habitat loss, predation by invasive species, and introduced diseases. With this mug design, we hope to inspire people to protect the Hawaiian birds that are still with us today.

8oz enamel mug. Handmade with 100-year-old heritage methods for enamelware production using high-quality, non-toxic materials. Safe for hot or cold food and beverages.

2.8" diameter x 2.7" height.

Campfire safe and dishwasher safe. Do not microwave.

Artwork by Danya Weber.