KEIKI KAUKAU - Korean Chunky Puzzle



Lucky we live Hawai’i...where the yummiest cuisines from across the Pacific Rim come to mix and mingle! The Local Favorites wooden puzzle collection pays tribute to ethnic cuisines that have become beloved fixtures here in the islands.

Koreans emigrated to Hawai‘i in several waves throughout the 20th century, carrying with them the irresistible tastes of their homeland like kimchi and kalbi. Honolulu's Korean dining scene is concentrated in the Ke‘eaumoku area, but the "Korean BBQ Mixed Plate," a hybrid of classic Korean dishes and local additions, like Macaroni salad, is found all around the Aloha State. It's mashisoyo- delicious!

In Ajumma's (Auntie's) Kitchen, you'll find some of the most popular Korean dishes and kid-friendly snacks:

  • Bibimbap - rice topped with sautéed and fermented vegetables and a fried egg
  • Kalbi - barbecued short ribs
  • Kimchi - spicy, fermented cabbage
  • Mandoo - dumplings
  • Gamja jorim - sweet shoyu-glazed potatoes, a popular banchan (side dish)
  • Sweet yogurt drink, sometimes sold with fruit flavors
  • Melon ice cream bar.

Art by Hawai‘i-based illustrator and world traveler Nikki Oka, whose work can also be found in our Puzzle Trio and 808 Milk Caps collection!

  • Puzzle measures about 11.5 x 8.5 inches with .5 inch thickness
  • Made in China with wood from responsibly managed forests
  • All Keiki Kaukau toys are third-party tested and meet or exceed safety requirements