KA PUNANA MELI - Ka La Resin Earring


Embrace the warmth and beauty of Ka Lā (The Sun) with our Handmade Ka Lā Resin Earrings, lovingly crafted in the heart of Hawai'i by a Kanaka Māoli artist. These stunning earrings are a celebration of the sun's radiant energy, and they are perfect for sun worshippers and nature enthusiasts alike.

Product Details:
- **Color:** Vibrant shades of orange and red capture the essence of the sun at its zenith, radiating warmth and positivity.

- **Material:** Our Ka Lā earrings feature high-quality resin, ensuring their durability and unique shine. The gold-plated hardware adds a touch of elegance and complements the sunny hues.

- **Ear Hardware:** Designed with your comfort in mind, these earrings are adorned with hypo-allergenic gold-filled ear hardware, making them suitable for sensitive ears.

- **Handmade in Hawai'i:** Each pair of Ka Lā earrings is carefully handcrafted by a Kanaka Māoli artist, honoring their heritage and the natural beauty of the Hawaiian islands. This means that no two pairs are exactly alike, ensuring you own a truly unique piece of art.

- **Drop Length:** These earrings have a drop length of 2.5 inches, making them a statement piece that gracefully frames your face.