IWI NAILS - Na Lau Leaves

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Iwi Nails

Our Mea Kanu (Plant) Collection is inspired by the beautiful plants that make up Hawaiʻi's landscape. Indigenous plants, those brought by our ancestors, or those more newly introduced but still familiar all serve as a muse for our nails.

One of the many beautiful things about our ʻōlelo mākuahine (mother tongue) is the depth of even the simplest of words. Multiple meanings allows for nuance and multiple poetic interpretations. The word "lau" means leaf, but it also (amongst other things) means design. This lau (design) is made up of multiple lau (leaves) that are important to kānaka maoli for food, medicine, lei & more: Lauaʻe, Kalo, ʻUlu, ʻUala, ʻAwa and Hōʻiʻo.