HEALING MOON WELLNESS - 4pm Room and Body Spray



Relax and unwind with this essential oil room and body spray

For bringing a pep to your step, uplifting your spirit and laughing out loud.

"Inspiration: Just like the inspiration behind my Palaka blend, this 4pm spray also leads back to grandpa. He and Uncle Gary would come home from work by 4pm, scoop my sister and me up and take us to the beach, park, ranch…and even sneak in a shave ice before heading back home for dinner." -Healing Moon Wellness

This multitasking spray instantly refreshes your space, linens, cars and your body…all while bringing a smile to your face. Just give this bottle of all natural goodness a nice shake to disperse and activate the essential oils and crystals and spritz away! Spend a moment to take three cleansing deep breaths in through your nose and release your exhale through your mouth (letting out a big sigh helps, too!).

This 2oz size is perfect for carrying in your bag, leaving in the bathroom, and for taking along on your travels.

Our room sprays come in a cobalt blue glass bottle with fine mist spray cap.