KAHUA ʻĀINA - ʻĀweoweo Uluna

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ʻĀweoweo or Hawaiian Bigeye is an endemic Hawaiʻi fish found in reefs and deeper waters. When juvenile, ʻāweoweo can be referred to as ʻalalauā and ʻalauwā. ʻĀweoweo are recognized for their bright red color and big eyes. When still, they’re red color can turn blotchy, then quickly change to bright when when they are in movement again. Like many endemic species in Hawaiʻi, this fish has a counterpart in plant form. The ʻāweoweo plant is named so for its fish like smell when leaves are crushed. ʻĀweoweo are delicious eats when fried or baked. Hū ka ʻono o ka ʻāweoweo!

The 'Āweoweo Uluna measures 12” long and is made with 100% organic cotton and stuffed with hypoallergenic eco-friendly recycled polyester fibers.