KAHUA ʻĀINA - ʻIwa Uluna

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The beautiful and majestic ‘iwa or great frigatebird!

‘Iwa are commonly spotted gliding up above near oceans edges as they search for food. ‘Iwa are not very waterproof however, so they rely on scooping up fish and squid from the waters surface or stealing food from the mouths of other sea birds. ‘Iwa are also a symbol for good looks and are referenced in many ‘ōlelo no’eau. Ka ʻiwa ālai maka, the frigate bird that fascinates the eye-said of an attractive person.

The 'Iwa Uluna measures 20” long and is made with 100% natural cotton and stuffed with hypoallergenic eco-friendly recycled polyester fibers. Mahalo nui!