HOʻĀLA MAU - Lucky Abundance Bracelet

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7” Stretch Bracelet featuring double threaded multi fiber stretch cord and 6mm beads.

"The Lucky Abundance bracelet combines the powerful and earthly energy of Moss Agate and Green Aventurine to attract prosperity in health, wealth, and success! Resonating with the heart chakra, Moss Agate and Green Aventurine work together to create a harmonious and nurturing energy which is soothing and supportive. Gain a feeling of confidence and positivity in order to achieve your highest potential. When you feel your best you can attract and manifest your dreams with ease!"

Disclaimer: Crystal healing energy can be used to compliment other therapies in order to support your energetic wellbeing. This information does not replace the care of a physician or doctor. Always consult with a healthcare professional for medical advice.