MAHINA MADE - Maiapilo Shower Curtain

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The Maiapilo is a native flower to Hawai’i. The extra special thing about them is that they bloom at night! Like moon flowers! They bloom in the early evening and by mid morning the next day, they’re wilted. Sadly, they aren't too common in the wild, but picturing them glowing in the moonlight must be an amazing sight to see. The name Maiapilo supposedly is named after the stinky smell of the fruit, but the flowers smell amazing.

These plants are at risk of becoming endangered, as are many of Hawai'i's native plants. It's so important to protect and restore our native plants & a great place to start is by educating ourselves. These shower curtains elevate any bathroom and provide a great conversational piece on educating others on an important and lesser known native Hawaiian plant.


  • 100% polyester
  • 70"x72"
  • suitable for indoor use
  • machine wash delicate/hang dry