ALOHA MODERN - Pūkoʻa Splash-Proof Neoprene Pouch

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The Kumulipo tells us that the ko‘a, sea coral, was the first physical being to be born. The pūko‘a, coral head, grew providing protection for the sea cucumber, sea urchin, barnacle and mussel. The coral was the first foundation for land, rising from the sea. The pattern describes the reef life who call pūko‘a home. From this story we learn that life in the sea and life on land are connected, and what we do on land has a direct connection and impact on all organisms in the sea. He pūko‘a kani ‘āina. A coral reef that grows into an island.


Made from soft neoprene wetsuit material. Pouch is waterproof lined. Top zipper has rubber splash-proof enclosure. Pouch is 9.5" by 8.6"