ALOHA MODERN - Kaunaʻoa Towel

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Dimensions: 72” X 30”

MO‘OLELO The mo‘olelo of the intertwinement of two lovers, Pōhuehue and Kauna‘oa, is one of fait. The two grew fond of each other and spent time together on the beach. In a huge argument, Pōhuehue fled by canoe and made his way to Lāna‘i. Despite being separated for several years, Kauna‘oa remained hopeful that her lover would return. After dreaming about her one night, Pōhuehue scattered the flowers of the hau tree into the ocean. The flowers made their way to Kahana Bay. Kauna‘oa called upon her ‘aumakua (family guardian) and followed the path of the flowers to Pōhuehue on the shores of Lāna‘i. The reuniting of the lovers is said to be why strands of kauna‘oa are often interlaced with the pōhuehue vines, both growing together on the beach and in lei-making.