ALOHA MODERN - ʻAmaʻu Pāreu

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This large forest fern known in Hawaiʻi as the ʻamaʻu, is one of the first species to grow from the barren lava landscapes that make up most of the Big Island. This incredibly harsh landscape is no match for the ʻamaʻu which is just as much at home in these water-starved habitats as it is in wetter forests. It is one of the most wide-spread species that can be found on almost every island in the archipelago. One of the most beautiful and distinguished characteristics of the ʻamaʻu is its new fronds unroll in bright red, orange and yellow gradients.


100% cotton - 65"x42"


Designed in collaboration with Malia Heimuli, a fine artist based in Koʻolaupoko, Oʻahu. Inspired by her experiences in mālama ʻāina, her artwork focuses on showcasing native species, wahi pana, and their importance in Hawaiʻi. Through various types of fine art mediums, especially line drawings and block printing, her art shares her love of native plants and animals.