AKAU BOARDS - Monkey Pod Kōnane Board

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Hand-crafted in Hawaiʻi

Stone pieces included.

Wood grain and shape may vary.



Kōnane is played by 2 people. The object of the game is to get your opponent into a position where they can't jump over any of your stones on their next turn.


2 players sit opposite of each other at the board. Fill all the holes and alternate the black and white stones. Choose who will play the black stone and who will play the white stone. The one who plays the black stone always goes first.


The black stone player will remove either one of the two black stones at the center of the board or one from either corner of the board. The opponent then removes one of the white stones immediately adjacent to the empty space. Set the stones aside and the game begins. All moves from this point on must be made by jumping one or more of your opponents stones. Jumping must always be forward, backward, or sideward -left or right doesn't matter.

A player may not go in more than one direction in a single turn. A player may not go diagonally. A player may jump as many stones as they desire. A player may not skip a turn. When a player cannot jump their opponent on their turn, the game is over and the player unable to jump is the loser.


The kōnane stones pose a choking hazard. Keep out of reach of young children. Adult supervision is required.