ILIHIA - 24” Red Glass Ball Necklace

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This is a sample of a Glass Float necklace handwoven cord with shades of burgundy , and a red Frosted glass ball.  The length of this necklace is 24 inches.  The closure is adorned with a hand picked shell bit from Hawai’i shores.

This is our Signature design!  It took a lot of thought and trial and error for us to come up with such a unique and detailed concept.  Do not be fooled by imitators.  Our Glass Float necklaces are made using  12 strands of meticulously woven Nylon cords and a glass ball, shell, pearl or other special objects that is nestled into the netting before being knotted shut.  All Glass Float necklaces are made to order.  We have a variety of cord and glass ball colors in stock. Contact us at to discuss available options.