ALOHA MODERN - Niu Splash-Proof Neoprene Pouch

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Arriving by canoe with early Polynesian voyagers, Hawaiians used coconut-husk fibers to make braided or twisted ‘aha, a tough, all-purpose cordage. The fronds became thatch; the leaflets became mats, baskets and fans. They turned coconut shells into containers, spoons and hula instruments, and hollowed out the stems (or trunks) to make big pahu (drums) and little canoes. Oil from roasted coconut meat was used as a body rub and rendered into perfumed dyes for kapa cloth. Famously, Kamehameha set up his seat of power at Helumoa in 1795 at the mouth of ‘Apuakēhau stream. He planted niu (coconut) and built a stone house and held sporting contests beneath the famous coconut grove’s canopy. In the late 19th century, his great-granddaughter, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop, willed the lands of Helumoa to a trust, and subsequent urbanization rapidly reduced the grove’s size. 


Made from soft neoprene wetsuit material. Pouch is waterproof lined. Top zipper has rubber splash-proof enclosure. Pouch is 9.5" by 8.6".