Hawaiian honeycreepers are a group of small, songbirds endemic to the Hawaiian Islands. There were once over 50 species of honeycreepers, but today, many are extinct or endangered. There are only a few species remaining

These birds play important roles in pollination and seed dispersal, contributing to the overall health and functioning of Hawaiian ecosystems.

Sadly, the Hawaiian honeycreepers face numerous threats. Habitat destruction, due to deforestation and the spread of invasive plant species, has resulted in the loss of their native forest habitats. Avian diseases, such as avian malaria and pox, transmitted by introduced mosquitoes, have had a devastating impact on honeycreeper populations.

Raise awareness by using your favorite Hawaiian Honeycreeper accessories! Educate and inspire others to learn more. Support businesses and organizations that are active with conservation efforts. Assist with keeping invasive species and plants under control. Plant native plants!